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   Extracurricular Activities

     For sustainable development, the English Program provides extracurricular activities for all the students 
during weekdays and on Saturdays. We believe that the following activities can bring out the students’ 
potential both in academic and life skills. 
  1. Preparation courses for M 1 and M 4 students.
  2. Extra classes in Mathematics, Science, Social studies, Thai and English for all levels on 
  3. Remedial courses for weak students as needed.
  4. Chinese language classes for M 1-3, and another second language for M 3 students. For 
     upper levels, we offer a German Language for Science and Math Program.
  5. Educational trips to various learning resources each semester.
  6. Integrated camp (English, Science, Math) provided annually by experienced trainers.
  7. Exchange programs according to the school MOU to New Zealand, German and China.
  8. Study tours to native speaking countries for students who are interested in studying 
     abroad during school vacations as well as support for students to apply for exchange   
     scholarships from well-known organization such as AFS and YFU.
  9. Sponsoring students (15,000 baht per head) to attend a life-skills camp for 10th graders in
10. Environmental camp for 10 graders annually.
11. L&L Camp aboard (Own expenses)

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